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Coral Springs' Premier Window Tinting Company Your Go-To for Professional Window

Tinting Services Serving Coral Springs and the Surrounding Areas.

Coral Springs' Premier Window Tinting Company Your Go-To for Professional Window

Tinting Services Serving Coral Springs and the
Surrounding Areas.

Improve Your Privacy and Energy Efficiency

We help you tint your windows to improve privacy and energy efficiency.

By tinting your windows, you can reduce outside noise and heat gain in the summer and keep chilly winter air out. You also get a custom look that can enhance your home’s appearance. At Prestige Glass Tinting, we have years of experience helping people tint their windows the right way for their needs and preferences. We offer a wide variety of window film options to choose from, so you’re sure to find something that works best for you and your home. We make tinting your window a breeze and will give you a free consultation to help make sure you choose the right tint for your window. At Prestige Glass Tinting, we know that tinting your windows can be an important and meaningful addition to your home. We offer a comprehensive window tint service that will help you improve privacy and energy efficiency, as well as give you the look and feel you desire. You can rest assured that our window tinting service is highly experienced and will help you get the perfect tint for your home. Moreover, our window tinting service is affordable and will definitely meet your needs and expectations. Give Prestige Glass Tinting a call today and let us help you tint your windows the right way!

Top-Rated Window Tinting Services for Your Home or Auto

Experience the benefits of professional window tinting in Coral Springs, FL.

Prestige Glass Tinting is one of the top window tinting providers in South Florida and offers a variety of services for both residential and commercial properties. From car windows to home exterior window tint, our team of experts will help choose the right type and amount of window tint for your specific needs. Window tinting can improve your home’s security by blocking out sunlight while ensuring you can still see through the window during daylight hours. Additionally, custom window tinting can provide an artistic edge to any property – from traditional homes to modern auto interiors – adding personality and value to your home. From our window tinting services to our customer service, we aim to provide the best possible experience and value for our clients in Coral Springs and beyond. Protect your home and auto with our top-rated window tinting services that will have you seeing and feeling the positive benefits in no time. Glare and heat are eliminated, and you can enjoy natural sunlight and views while maintaining privacy.

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Why You Need Window Tint Services in Coral Spring, FL

Window tinting is a great way to add some extra privacy and security to your home. When the sunlight cannot get in, it can help reduce glare and make you feel more comfortable inside your home. Additionally, window tinting can protect your car’s interior from fading and damage due to UV rays. At Prestige Glass Tinting, we offer a wide variety of window tint options that will perfectly match your needs and style. From dark window tints that are perfect for shielding you from the sun during summertime, to lighter shades that help keep out heat in wintertime, we have a tint option perfect for you. If you’re in need of window tinting services in Coral Springs, FL, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We would be happy to help you choose the right tint and get your home protected from the sun and heat!

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Choose A Service

After you choose a service, we will provide you with a window tint proposal and color choices.

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Prestige Glass Tinting will provide a window tint and finish your installation in no time!

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Your window tint will add style and privacy to your car or home.

What Set Us Apart?

Enhanced Aesthetics

Prestige Glass Tinting provides window tinting services that go beyond the ordinary. We use only the highest quality window tinting products available and our team of experts will work tirelessly to ensure your windows look their best. Our window tint is designed to enhance your home’s appearance and provide privacy while keeping glare and heat out.

Expertise and Professionalism

Prestige Glass Tinting is the window tinting company to trust in Coral Springs and surrounding areas. We have years of experience working with residential and commercial clients, and our team of experts will work closely with you to create a Custom tinted window solution that fits your needs and expectations.

Customer Support

Prestige Glass Tinting takes pride in providing top-quality customer service. Our team of experts is available 24/7 to answer any questions and help you get the tinting solution that’s best for your home. We take our commitment to customer satisfaction seriously, and we are confident that you will be pleased with the results of our window tinting services.

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You love the look of the sun shining in through your windows, but you don’t want to expose yourself and your family to harmful UV rays. You can’t help but feel like you’re living in the dark, especially when it comes to your windows. Not only are they difficult to keep clean, but they also let in a lot of harmful UV rays.
Prestige Glass Tinting can help you solve all of your window tinting problems in Coral Spring, FL. Our professional technicians will help you choose the right type of window tint for you and your home, and then they will install it in a quick and easy process. Not only will your windows be protected from the sun, but they will also look amazing!
Contact us today at 1 954 890 2733 for more information about our window tinting services in Coral Springs, FL. We look forward to helping you solve all of your tinting problems!

Customer Testimonials

Noelani UncianoNoelani Unciano
02:42 09 Oct 22
Anyone know if this guy is still tinting? I tried calling but its saying that the phone is disconnected?
Andre HammonsAndre Hammons
21:12 20 Jul 19
Super friendly! Excellent job with lifetime warranty!
Nicholas HeuermannNicholas Heuermann
20:52 07 Aug 18
The best price, great service too. I called 3 other places and this was definitely the most cheap. Lifetime warranty too. Thanks again!
nicholas currymacielnicholas currymaciel
06:53 05 Aug 17
*updated- just got my car re-tinted here and Tyler did a great job. Again he was friendly, knowledgeable, and not pushy. He gave me a quote and encouraged me to shop around, but his customer service and price we're unbeatable.*Got both cars detinted unfortunetly. Tyler was great to deal with, very helpful and prices are reasonable. I would recommend without a doubt.
17:54 09 Jan 16
Great product, professional services, timely installation, we can allow our curtains to be pulled back all day now from our picture glass windowsWe are happy the sun is not harming the interior of our home in any way 😉